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36 Adventures in Tokyo
John Prolly
Tokyo has been invaded by all manner of sea monsters, giant robots,
super-sized moths and even vampires. So when John Prolly came to town, the Japanese were ready...

48 Persuasion: A Political Primer
David Hoffman
A large portion of bicycle advocacy involves playing the political game. This primer will prepare first-timers for the world of politics, and offers sound advice for novices and veterans alike.

54 Bike Works
Samuel Hester
Edmonton’s community bike shop is one of the oldest in North America. They’re doing everything they can to make the shop inviting and bikes appealing, all in an effort to promote cycling in Canada.

74 Love Letters Written in Horseshit
Julian Birch
Living in one of the world’s largest cities doesn’t mean you have to stick to the pavement. Nor does having just one bike mean you’re limited to riding only one type of terrain.