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8 Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

10 Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

12 I Love Riding in the City
Readers share their tales of city cycling.

60 Pedals Plus People
Melissa Smith
Photos of bike culture from the Sunshine State.

66 Residue
Roger Lootine

68 Urban Legend - Mike Shih
Leonard Bonarek
Mike Shih is a Philadelphia cyclist who takes DIY to a new level.

82 Victory of the Bicycle
Gregg Culver
A peaceful ride in Berlin turns into an unpleasant adventure.

84 Masterlink Tech
Brad Quartuccio
Learn to open masterlinks with ease.

88 Diagnose A Stuck Stem
Brad Quartuccio
How to know if your stem has got the best of you.

90 Line Up Your Hot Patch
Brad Quartuccio
Practical reasons for this finishing touch.

92 No Exit
Andy Singer
Cycling on other planets.

You risk a $250 ticket for running red lights in Austin, TX. Photo by Daniel Liebowitz ,