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Bike Works - Edmonton's Community Bike Shop

Words & Photos by Samuel Hester

BikeWorks, one of the oldest community bike shops in North America, has been around since 1980 as a haven for cycling inclined individuals. Run by the non-profit organization Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC), it has grown sporadically to its now flourishing existence. Approached from the alley near the train yards and commercial truck parking the first thing seen is a slightly menacing chain link fence. Behind it is a yard packed with old bikes—good stuff can be found in this bicycle bones yard, and frequently is. That said, to find the real gems all you need to do is walk inside, where volunteers have already gone to the effort to remove and store good components. Recently redecorated with cycling related posters and signs and painted in bright yellow, green and red the shop is inviting and warm. As part of EBC’s mission to make cycling as inclusive as possible they have even managed to add women- and trans-specific days for shop use. 



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