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On the cover: Portland, OR. Photo by Brenton Salo -

Contents photo: Want to tie and solder your spokes? Learn how on page 70. Photo by Brad Quartuccio

6 Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 I Love Riding in the City
Readers from around the world share their tales of city cycling.

32 I O Ma, I A Mo
To the Black Sea by Bicycle

Marilen Corciovei
One man’s journey to escape the urban jungle by cycling 300km to the Black Sea resort town of Vama Veche.

36 Fixed Freestyle Evolution
John Watson
A state of the nation report on the fixed gear freestyle scene.

44 Great Roads, Great Protests
David Hoffman
A brief look at the beginning of bicycle advocacy.

48 Fyxomatosis Gallery
Andy White

54 Residue
Roger Lootine

56 Ghost Bikes
Brad Quartuccio, Audrey Anderson, Scott Mullen, Ramsey Elissa, Jimmy Flaherty, Reverend Phil, Michael Browne and Kevin Bolger
Remembering our fallen friends.

70 How to Tie & Solder Spokes
Brad Quartuccio and Scott Wickham Jr.
An obscure technique explained in detail.

76 The Rotafix Method
Brad Quartuccio
How to tighten your fixed cog without additional tools.

78 No Exit
Andy Singer