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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Always the last to the party, this is inevitably the final piece of the puzzle each and every time. This issue is no different; in the hustle to bring together what is now Urban Velo #11 these words have been put off until the final moments of production. Only as the lights go down does the intro come into play.

The running theme of Urban Velo lies in the stories and people that make up the intertwined web of culture that is the urban bike community. In this issue we look to mechanical traditions of the past and to the urban riding of the future, individual struggle and tales of just riding along. Our Ghost Bikes cover feature shows the human aspect of the community at its best, reaching out to memorialize those individual lives lost on two wheels and help to heal the scars left behind. The power of bicyclists as an organized front is documented in Great Roads, Great Protests to provide a historical look at how the current state of affairs came to be, and how similar the movement of today is to that of a century ago.

From beginning to end it is a tale about people and the machines that they power, not the other way around.


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