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Retrotec Cycles NAHBS Cyclocross Bike


The curves get me every time. Retrotec Cycles are bent and built in Napa CA and are a mainstay of NAHBS, having been on display at 9 of the 10 shows to date. This cyclocross bike features through axles front and rear, making the frame a mix of old school looks and new school function. Year after year Retrotec has some of the best lines of the show. www.ingliscycles.com

Broakland Count Trackula NAHBS Bike


Go fast, turn left. The Broakland Count Trackula is built for speed and stiffness, sacrificing ride quality in the name of going for the win. Oversized 7009 aluminum tubes are mated to the Ahrens designed bottom bracket yoke and dropouts to maximize rear end stiffness and snap. The rare custom aluminum bike at NAHBS, it’s an impressive build. www.broakland.com

Argonaut Spacebike 2.0 Disc Road Best In Show NAHBS Bike


This is the bike that won Best In Show at 2014 NAHBS. The Argonaut Cycles Spacebike 2.0 is a no expenses spared full custom carbon road bike. Geometry and carbon layup are custom fit for the rider and their style of riding, yielding frames between 750-950 g. Some people love road disc brakes, some hate them and the Spacebike 2.0 can have whatever flavor stopping power you prefer. www.argonautcycles.com

Peacock Groove Minneapolis-Moline Cargo NAHBS Bike


Erik Noren and Peacock Groove are never shy about… anything, but especially about over the top theme bikes. This cargo bike pays homage to Minneapolis-Moline, a tractor company especially familiar to those in the midwest, and beyond the paint and carrying capability has fat tires (29″+ rear, 20″ front), dual generator headlights, an incredible rear rack, and low gears for tractor-like hauling. The drivetrain is the ultimate manual — two front rings, no shifter, you need to stop and move the chain by hand to achieve the ultra-low gear tractor grip. www.peacockgroove.com

Don Walker 1994 Pursuit Bike at NAHBS


Things were different in the ’90s. Steel was still real, purple was cool the first time around, the the rules allowed builders to push bicycle design in the name of speed. Don Walker built this bike for Shawn Wallace to use in the 1994 Commonwealth Games, where he ended up taking home silver in the 4 km individual pursuit. Besides the frame construction, note the one sided fork and Russian tensioned Kevlar disc wheel. Great to see a well-used bike from a different era of racing and bike construction making a public appearance. www.donwalkercycles.com

Six-Eleven Bicycle Co NAHBS Track


Six-Eleven Bicycle Co is a one of my perennial favorites at NAHBS, with this customer bike destined for the track catching my eye. Quite obviously a pure-bred race machine, the bike isn’t missing on the finishing touches. Check the elegant seatstay bridge, the pass-through stem detail, and the line work the carries from the wheels across the frame. Great bikes out of Roanoke VA. Check out www.sixelevenbicycleco.com

Sunrise Cycles NAHBS


Sunrise Cycles from Tokyo, Japan had perhaps the most eye catching bike at the 2014 NAHBS. Builder Yu Takai’s personal bike, this commuter is full of meticulous custom metalworking to create the unique truss-like structures throughout. It took Yu Takai two months of work to build this bike, I can only imagine how slow the progress was brazing together the top tube/seat tube junction. The detail work is impressive and over the top, from the obvious metal forms to the integrated lights and painted steerer tube. The Japanese bikes that make it to NAHBS never fail to impress. www.sunrise-cycles.com

Breadwinner Cycles B-Road NAHBS Gravel Racer


Breadwinner Cycles officially turned one year old at 2014 NAHBS, and introduced the B-Road gravel racer to the world. Breadwinner partner Ira Ryan threw his years of gravel racing and riding into this bike, building it with all-day epics in mind. Three bottle bosses help with the all-day cred, as does the clearance for 38c tires (32c with fenders). The bike features oversized Columbus Sprint tubing with either disc or cantilever brakes, downtube shifter bosses for versatility, and a modified ENVE fork so the B-Road can have full fender coverage. www.breadwinnercycles.com

Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign

“Drive With Care.” That’s the message to drivers coming from this Bike Pittsburgh campaign. 2012 was a particularly harsh year for riders in Pittsburgh and this campaign was born out of a desire to make humanize bike riders in the face of multiple hit and run incidents and open hostility. “The people behind the windshield and under the helmet are our nurses, carpenters, children, and sports heroes, but the overwhelming perspective seems to be that bike riders are in-the-way nuisances who have no right to the road.” A successful but relatively short billboard and bus stop run was well received in town and around the web, and this Indiegogo campaign is an effort to increase the reach of the campaign much further than before. More bus shelters, more bus cards and more billboards can help to reach thousands of members of the public that are usually out of the reach of bike safety messaging. See more at the BikePGH Drive With Care Indiegogo.

Savannah GA Spring Alleycat

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EvTpULD Springtime is alleycat season, with this one coming up on March 16th in Savannah GA. $5, rain or shine.

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