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Richard Sachs Framebuilding Kits


Richard Sachs needs no introduction, he’s one of the humble legends of the domestic framebuilder genre and has long offered signature lugs and tubesets for both professional and hobbyist builders. He first designed lugs for a supplier back in 1981, with the first Sachs branded lugs reaching the market in the early 2000s. In order to streamline ordering of the latest oversized Sachs frame bits, tubesets and lugs are now available packaed into kits — enough to make a full frame or fork, just add braze and a lot of hard work. PegoRichie frame kits are available for $280-300, fork kits for $130-150 with a few lug and tubing options each. You may not want to wait the years it takes to get a Sachs frame, but you can get a set of tubes right away if you’ve got the skills to put it together yourself. Check all the details of the kits and individual bits at www.richardsachs.com.


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