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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Color covers and more print copies than ever. While this was always in the plan, actually having it come to fruition is something else altogether. Far from being the freak of the week, bicycle culture is the cool kid on the block. Adolescent for sure, the urban culture is growing up. Already bike friendly cities are reaping the benefits of such forethought, less cutting edge locales are quickly playing catch up. The “scene” is maturing, with new faces offered a whole new array of places to plug into. When it comes down to us, people are reading along for the ride. And we can’t thank you enough.

International contributors and content truly shines for issue #8, with two features hailing from the United Kingdom, content about bike-sharing in Paris, I Love Riding in the City pieces from around the globe and a photo gallery from the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Toronto. This isn’t to say that the stateside coverage isn’t important, but just reflecting a sliver of the world cycle culture. We’re honored to be a part.

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