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Table of Contents

On the cover: Roughly two dozen riders came from Japan for the 2008 CMWC. See page 40 for coverage. Photo by Brad Quartuccio

Contents photo: Nicholas Hohman on the hardcourt in Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Brad Quartuccio

6 - Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 - Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 - I Love Riding in the City
Readers share their tales of urban cycling.

30 - A Special Place In Hell For Bike Thieves
Phillip Barron
A lost Canto from Dante’s The Divine Comedy is rediscovered.

34 - Sustainable Fuel
Julian Birch
Channeled properly, anger can be pure rocket fuel. Use it wisely on your commute.

40 - Gallery
Brad Quartuccio
Cycle Messenger World Championships

46 - Residue
Roger Lootine

48 - World Naked Bike Ride, London 2008
Henry Thompson
The World Naked Bike Ride streaks through London to promote cycling over oil use.

60 - Bikes on Film
Jeff Guerrero
The Bicycle Film Festival kicks off its 2008 tour in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

62 - Fastest Man On A Bicycle Honored At Last
Dan Pugatch
Major Taylor was one of the greatest athletes of all time. Worchester, Massacusetts honors him with a bronze statue.

64 - Share… And Share Alike
David Hoffman
Examining Vélib, the successful French public bike sharing program.

68 - One Car
Mary Megliola Franzen
Family living with less cars, more bikes.

72 - Technical Gubbins
Brad Quartuccio
Bike threading explained, and a simple way to measure chain stretch.

78 - No Exit
Andy Singer