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In discussing the current state of polo with various players from cities both in North America and abroad it became very apparent how wide spread the game actually is and it only looks to be gaining momentum. For example, Mike Kangelos of London UK says they have regular games 6 nights a week and even had the inaugural season of The London Hardcourt Polo League (LHPL) take place from October ‘08 to March ‘09 with 12 teams competing. For the ‘09-’10 season they’re expecting 12-16 teams. At the same time here in North America, Seattle generally has four games per week as well as having their own leagues starting up. New York City has a four-day schedule, plus a designated court, The Pit. Even Lexington, KY has a polo specific court funded by the city and games twice a week. It would seem you can find a game in just about any city you go.


    My feeling is that it is a little too soon to consider any sort of “federation” for hardcourt bike polo. I think there would need to be a standard set of rules first, and that alone is going to be a challenging task. I think we are close on this one, although regional differences vary quite a bit (contact, balljointing, etc). Regarding the “need” for a federation of some kind—I dont know. I guess, for me, I would want to know precisely how “legitimizing” bikepolo would benefit the game or our scene here.
–Sean Carter, Calgary AB