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The Fed - Hardcourt Bike Polo Considers Its Future

By Jimmy Flaherty
Photos by Brad Quartuccio

Hardcourt Bike Polo. For those totally unfamiliar, bike polo is a game much like traditional polo in that players gallivant around, attempting to strike a ball with a mallet and score goals. However, as the name implies, Hardcourt Bike Polo is played while riding bicycles on a hard surface, generally tennis or street hockey courts or possibly an underused parking garage. The game is said to have originated in Ireland and supposedly found it’s way into the United States through Seattle before taking on the hardcourt style. Now regardless of what you may have heard or possibly think, polo as it is generally referred to is foremost about fun. Additionally and maybe even to it’s disadvantage in some cities, it is a tight knit community which strangely enough seems to be on the verge of blowing up here in North America.