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34 Barcelona Tiene Poder
Cristian Marin
Inspired by Tokyo and facilitated by internet technology, Barcelona now has a burgeoning community of fixed gear riders.

38 Crit Racing
Stephen Cummings
Steevo’s back with another road racing article for Urban Velo. This time it’s a primer on criterium racing. Typically held on a closed course less than a mile long, crits are among the most exciting, and most accessible forms of bicycle racing.

54 Windy City Wool
John Greenfield
Chicago cyclists celebrate with a mingling of some of the finer things in life—British bicycles, bespoke fashion and booze.

66 The Fed - Hardcourt Bike Polo Considers Its Future
Jimmy Flaherty
With the proliferation of bike polo leagues around the world, and the ever increasing size and frequency of polo tournaments, people have begun to question the need for standardized rules and regulations. Among the hottest topics is whether or not there should be a governing body (aka the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Federation, dubbed the Fed).

NYC kids from Trinidad and Tobago are the subject of the film Made in Queens ( Photo by Brad Quartuccio