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Yoga & Beer 4 Bikes

Yoga Beer For Bikes Final WebCycling events and beer drinking almost seem to be inseparable, but yoga and beer drinking? Regardless, Indianapolis craft brewery, Sun King, is hosting an event titled, Yoga and Beer for Bikes. The event consists of donation-only yoga classes held inside their brewery with beer tastings held afterwards. It’s an event open to all types, of course, and you can expect a traditional yoga class, but without the calm, quiet atmosphere. The canning machines will be humming, clanking and banging in the background as you downward dog your way to the beers available after.

Cycling fits into this mix as the class payments go to Nine 13 Sports, an organization that introduces young kids to bikes in order to promote health, wellness and exercise.

The next class is on May 13th and you can register here. Future benders (pun intended) take place every two months. It’s a popular event, so register early.

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