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Yellow Light Technology

A traffic video detection company, Traficon, has created a technology that reads traffic movement as a light turns from green to yellow and holds the yellow light long enough for traffic to pass, thereby eliminating the “jam the brakes” or “step on it!” scenario most drivers have to decide between. The technology is supposed to make entering and exiting traffic signals zones safer.

In tandem with this technology is a detection system that reads “vulnerable” users such as bikes and pedestrians and also adjusts the traffic light timing to allow them safe passage. All the nerd-speak about this is here on the Traficon site.

“Vulnerable road users in general, and bicyclists more specifically, just need more time than motorists to make it across the intersection,” said Traficon USA vice president Bill Klyczek. “By detecting bicyclists at signalized intersections, we can increase their green time when necessary, and as a result, make it much safer for them to make it across.”

I still don’t trust drivers to make the right decisions at traffic signals, even with a little delayed timing assistance, but maybe couple this technology with those new self-driving google cars and we might be getting somewhere!

Via Wired.

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  1. WilliamsAugust 21, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Sounds great, but cities with redlight cameras are going to ignore this tech in favor of the revenue generating tickets they receive.

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