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WTB Nano 40c Gravel Tire

WTB_Nano_40c_Tire_026cd852.1c9e8f4 WTB has just unveiled their latest, the Nano 40c tire designed with long distance gravel riders in mind. The tire has a large volume and is relatively lightweight given its girth, with the folding bead version coming in at just 470 g, and the wire bead version at 550 g. The tread pattern is based on the popular Nano mountain bike tire but with slightly shorter knobs, and an almost continuous centerline tread for speed and low rolling resistance. Clearly this one isn’t going to fit into your race-bred road frame, but this is more for those looking for adventure and the road less travelled. Looks to be a great tire for the mixed surface commute, and something that fits how many of us actually ride our bikes on a daily basis. I have a decade old pair of somewhat similar 700x44c WTB Mutanoraptors mounted up on my Surly Straggler, and while great on the dirt the tall knobs are sluggish feeling on roads and more hardpacked surfaces. The Nano 40c seems a much better fit for the kind of riding I do on that bike, a welcome addition to the line. Folding bead versions will be available at $50 each, with the wire bead version retailing at $32.


  1. Andrew BreretonFebruary 26, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Sweet,one of my favorite tires.I had them on a 29er and they ride great,they just look perfect as well.When will they be available,I’d like to fit them on my old school Bridgestone 300.They will fit with 700c replacing the 27in wheels.I had 38mm on a Schwinn before with room to spare.Got to have these.

  2. MikeMarch 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    anybody try these tubeless yet? work well?

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