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White Industries at NAHBS 2013

White Industries is a long time favorite of mine, not only do I like the aesthetic of most of their products and the people behind them, in my experience they’ve been remarkable reliable. I acquired my first set of White Industries hubs in early 1998, and they are still spinning to this day on a friend’s commuter and touring bike. My 29er touring bike sports decade old White Industries disc hubs, and my mountain bike has a freewheel from 2006. Replacement parts have been readily available when needed, I really can’t speak highly enough of my experiences with White Industries.

Enough gushing, at NAHBS last week White was showing off a few new proucts and subtle refinements. Look carefully and you’ll notice that the pictured freewheel has 23 teeth, making lower single speed gears available for polo, snow bikes and particularly hilly mountain bike courses. For those into the exploding fat bike scene, White was showing off wide body 135 mm front and 170 mm rear hubs. And for the mountain bike racers there was a the new SRAM XX1 compatible spider for White Industries cranks, making them the only 180 mm offering yet compatible with the XX1 chainring. Also available is a new XX1 cassette driver to fit a SRAM cassette on your existing 10-speed White Industries hubs.

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