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Welcome Back Scott Spitz

IMG_3693 We’re happy to welcome Scott Spitz back into the fold after having to step back for a few months due to life and health. It’s great to have him back on the daily blogroll.

Scott: For those who noticed my absence from contributing blog content, this was due to the stresses of managing the cancer diagnosis I was given approximately one year ago. Although my cancer diagnosis remains, I have now reached a point of emotional and physical stability, allowing me to get back to doing the things I greatly enjoy, such as blogging here! Amidst my fluctuating struggles, I did manage to keep the wheels spinning, whether that was in the basement on my trainer or taking periodic commutes around town. I’m desperately looking forward to the end of this winter, as I’m sure you are too, so I can get back to much longer rides and put some more wear and tear on my gear. in the meantime, I look forward to, again, seeking out all the goods related to urban riding and sharing them with you. Forever tailwinds.

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