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Week in Biking: Hockey, Giraffes and Why Your Bike Mechanic Eats at the Soup Kitchen

What do bikes and giraffes have to do with each other? OK, maybe nothing–except for this music video from And the Giraffe. The Nashville band shot the video with a couple hundred bucks and a handlebar-mounted camera pointed at the rider instead of the road.

While bikes and music are joining forces in the music capital of the country, bikes are making an appearance at the Olympics, where the Finnish Olympic hockey team is riding bikes provided by the Finnish Olympic Committee to get to their matches in Sochi.

Ever wonder why bike mechanics tend to be so svelte? It might not be from putting in miles. Donny Perry’s informative slideshow on bike mechanic saleries inspires us to consider the value of our trusty shop mechanic, who earns on $18,000 less than the national average income.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so make sure you tell your bike how much you love it.

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