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Velo – Bicycle Culture and Design

So what if it came out two years ago, Velo, Bicycle Culture and Design, looks to be a stellar aesthetic compilation of the many facets of our beautiful two-wheeled world. Published by Gestalten (see last week’s post on Dzine), Velo showcases imagery of frame builders, professional racers, bike culture in advertising, and so much more. You can check out a sampling of the book on the Gestalten site. My guess is it’s infinitely more striking in print.

The book sells for a discounted price of $30 through their shop and that sounds like a steal for a full color, 240 page book! I don’t know who is on the inside at Gestalten, but judging by some of their projects they certainly have an appreciation and fine eye for bikes and bike culture. I’m looking forward to future releases.

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