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Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame Collections Call

UCHOF Collections Flyer “The Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame serves to spotlight the history and rich culture of cycling in the city. To date there have been hundreds of nominations for potential inductees, and the window for this year’s nominations is closing quick.

There will also be a physical Hall Of Fame that will be unveiled at Interbike and the UCHOF is putting a call out to the community at large for submissions. Items can either be donated or put on loan, it all goes towards trying to build the largest collection of Urban Cycling Memorabilia in the world. Some items collected so far include Lucas Brunelle’s entire spoke card collection, original Monster Track artwork from Greg Ugalde and an original Ghost Bike sign from the very first deployment.

If you have have anything you are interesting in submitting for consideration it can be done by emailing your submissions at the UCHOF or posting them on Instagram and tagging them with @UrbanCyclingHOF and the hashtag #uchof.

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