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TRP Hybrid Hydraulic / Mechanical Road and Cyclocross Disc Brake Caliper

TRP-cable-actuated-hydraulic-disc-brake-caliper-600x426 Last week BikeRumor gave us a look at a hybrid hydraulic/mechanical disc brake caliper from TRP for road, cyclocross and commuter bikes. The short story is that the hydraulic bits are completely enclosed on the caliper, allowing for a standard cable interface to use existing road shift/brake levers. Hybrid calipers like this were tried by a few companies back in the 1990s as disc brakes were gaining acceptance on mountain bikes and the quirks were being worked out. For applications where not as much power is needed, and with a couple of decades of disc brake design knowledge to draw on, hybrid calipers like this might be a reasonable and fairly serviceable answer. TRP already offers the Parabox, a technically interesting but rather obvious stepping stone piece of hardware to graft road levers and hyraulic brakes together, but these all in one hybrid calipers seem a much better solution to me. See more at www.bikerumor.com and visit TRP at www.trpbrakes.com.

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