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Trek Lync Unveiled

TK14_Lync_ABC_Detail_2Trek has upgraded their commuter line with the Lync, a commuter ride decked out with integrated lighting and bluetooth compatible monitoring. Instead of buying a commuter and having to select various lighting, phone mounts, and software additions, new purchasers can have a ride that is ready to go without aesthetic adjustments.
_J6A1845The Lync retails around $900 to start and fully loaded models run for $1200. Trek utilized some clever solutions to keep the bike functional, but aesthetically clean, such as lighting adjustments burrowed beneath the top tube and subtle rear lights embedded into the seat stays. The decals are also reflective and the wiring internal. For those just entering the commuter lifestyle and looking to buy from a name brand, there is a lot of value and safety to be found in the Lync.

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  1. Alan BSeptember 9, 2014 at 10:08 am

    Bummer that it isn’t a belt drive bike. Additionally, the rear “rack” on the model shown wouldn’t accommodate a trunk bag, only paniers. The rear lights are way too low and small to be much help.

    I do think the integrated light mount is cool and running the cables on the inside does look better. Not sure how that would work if you had to change them, might be a big pain in the rear later.

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