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Toronto Bicycle Station Open House, October 2nd

bike-station-cover-400 The city of Toronto is a fairly bicycle friendly place, a total joy to pedal around in. Much of this is due to coordination between local advocates and the city government themselves, with the Bicycle Station hosting an open house on October 2nd featuring breakfast goodies in the morning and news about some positive changes to Canada’s first indoor public access bike parking and repair station.


  1. jamesmallonSeptember 29, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    “The city of Toronto is a fairly bicycle friendly place, a total joy to pedal around in.” Are you on smack? I think you haven’t lived here. You might have Toronto confused with Montreal: a Canadian city actually worth the visit.

    In Toronto, police do nothing about careless driving and endangerment of cyclists or pedestrians. Our ‘Bike Plan’ is years behind schedule. The bicycle station was a year late, and is nothing but a storage space: no showers or clothes lockers. Igor Kenk stole 3000 bikes, and kept half the city’s addicts in drugs as payment.

    Take a look at ibiketo.ca and spacing.ca/wire for some perspective. We used to be smug in Toronto about the state of our city compared to American cities. Some idiots still are, but not the informed.

  2. bradSeptember 29, 2009 at 12:06 pmAuthor

    My experience is certainly limited, but in my time there I found Toronto fairly bike friendly. I’m glad to hear feedback from residents however, as my visit and riding experience is limited to a few days.

  3. mr.donkeySeptember 29, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    there is a new bike station in dc that is spectacular. Great location and facilities. I don’t head over that way often but for those that do this will be the perfect option.


  4. 'fersSeptember 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Toronto isn’t great for cycling, especially lately. But, to be honest, Montreal isn’t as bicycle friendly as it claims. The infrastructure is there, yes, but the motorists are still…well…from Montreal (at best indifferent to cyclists, at worst infuriated by them). Like most North American cities (except Portland, DAMN YOU PORTLAND), both Toronto and Montreal have a ways to go before cyclists are treated as equals on the road.

  5. jamesmallonSeptember 29, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Sorry I crapped all over you Brad, but I did want to inform people that Toronto is no cycling haven, lest they ride here as blithely as they could in Copenhagen, and get creamed by some fat suburbanite in a Suburban. Bear in mind that Toronto has the same density as L. A., and the same autocentrism: Torontonians won’t buy this, of course.

    As for Montreal… some of it’s biking facilities are a bit over-sold, but with their new lanes and Bixi, they are at least making a much bigger effort than Toronto is. Apart from bikes, Montreal is simply a more interesting city than Toronto will ever be.

    As for Montreal drivers, I disagree with ‘fers’, at least in comparison to Toronto drivers. The bad Montreal driver is as big a Canadian myth as the courteous Toronto driver: fifteen years out of date. I don’t know if Montreal drivers have gotten better than they were when I went to McGill U., but Toronto drivers are certainly now worse than Montreal drivers are. Montreal drivers may be aggressive; Toronto drivers are agressive, witless AND unskilled.

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