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Tokyo College of Cycle Design

The NAHBS blog recently posted about the Tokyo College of Cycle Design, a government certified school for people looking for a professional, complete education on framebuilding. The 2 year Bicycle Product Course or 3 year Bicycle Creation Course each run for 24 hours of class time per week, 32 weeks per year, with instruction from some of the best in the industry such as Shin-ichi Konno. The first classes began in April 2012, meaning we’re still a couple of years away from seeing the graduates first public work—I’d expect nothing but the best.

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  1. Yoshi Pedal Speed YamadaAugust 11, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Brad. This is Yoshi from Pedal Speed. The School is fabulous. I am part of them making school magazines. Actually the picture on your web is one I took when they started. .We went to school trip to Milano and visited Cinelli, Columbus, Casati, and Colnago. If you will visit to Tokyo, please come and visit the school. Yoshi

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