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Timbuk2 Conveyor Wheeled Duffel

Timbuk2 Conveyor Wheeled DuffelTimbuk2 has expanded their catalog so much that they now offer full-blown airline luggage. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to replace my Goodwill-bought Samsonite suitcase with the new Conveyor Wheeled Duffel.

The Conveyor is available in two sizes, XL ($259) and M ($199). I chose the smaller size because it’s intended to be a carry-on bag. At 14 x 22 x 10, the medium sized bag should pass muster with most major airlines, and as we all know, people are routinely bending the rules with regard to carry-on size, anyhow. I actually checked the Conveyor, in part just to see how well it would handle the torture of airline baggage handling. And I’m glad to say it came through absolutely unscathed.

The measurements listed belie the bag’s carrying capacity. I stuffed everything I could possibly need for a four day trip to Las Vegas, including extra shoes and unnecessarily warm clothes, and the bag still wasn’t close to capacity. And with both internal and external compression straps, you could really pack a lot of gear. It’s nice that Timbuk2 kept things simple with just one external pocket at the top, and one zippered mesh pocket inside. (They do, however, offer aftermarket accessories like the Grande Burrito toiletry kit.)

Construction-wise, the Conveyor features ballistic nylon and the same durable stitching as their messenger bags. The retractable handle is very functional and relatively sturdy. It doesn’t exactly seem indestructible, but they do offer a lifetime warranty. The big (65 mm) soft skateboard wheels make the the Conveyor roll like a dream, even on rough tarmac and over broken sidewalks. (The wheels are removable, which makes it tempting to install a set of OJ II’s.) It’s also got a variety of handles so it can be carried like a traditional suitcase. And at just 7 pounds (8.5 for the XL) the bag itself is rather light.

I do sort of wish the Conveyor was offered in a greater variety of colors, because a unique color scheme makes it easier to keep track of your bag in a crowded airport. But perhaps that will be and option down the line. In the meantime you can choose between gunmetal/blue (pictures) or black.

Check out www.timbuk2.com

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