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TiGr Locks ART Foundation Certification

DSC_9802TiGr Lock has received a great deal of press thanks to its unique look and because it’s made from titanium. Its clever design allows the standard and long models to lock both wheels and the frame to a post, and the short model offers numerous options that would only be available with a cable lock.

TiGr locks come in two widths, 32mm and 19mm. The 32mm wide lock has been tested and certified by the ART Foundation in the Netherlands, an independent testing facility.

Recently, a German website released a video of the TiGr 19mm lock being cut with a heavy duty bolt cutter. While some people may have been led to believe that titanium lock was impervious to such an attack, TiGr asserts that they’ve made no such claim. However, they maintain that while the 19mm lock may have failed such a test, it’s far less likely that the 32mm model would suffer the same fate—the wider version takes more effort to defeat because there is about 67% more material to break through.

That said, no lock is indestructible. A recent article stated that the best u-lock available was defeated by an angle grinder in just 117 seconds. And it’s no secret that criminals can and will employ a number of methods to steal bikes.

Learn more about TiGr and their product testing at www.tigrlock.com

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