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Thomson Elite Seatpost

The Thomson Elite seatpost has remained unchanged since its inception. The 100% American-made seatpost is tried and true, not only by me but thousands of elite bike racers and countless enthusiasts. Machined from a solid chunk of 7000 series aluminum, the post is internally ovalized to maximize the fore/aft strength while saving weight.

The saddle clamp is 41mm long, to minimize the effects of clamping on the saddle rails. And the head is designed to flex under extreme loads, helping to protect the seatpost, saddle rails and rider. The entire post is designed to withstand up to 250 foot pounds of torque, and then it will begin to bend rather than catastrophically fail. Thomson claims that most competitors’ posts break at 150 foot pounds.

The micro-adjust clamp is infinitely adjustable within -5° and 29°. The only bad thing about this system is that it’s not fool-proof, as many people over-tighten the clamp, which can lead to broken bolts or even a broken clamp. I have Thomson seatposts on almost all of my bikes, and in over 10 years I’ve never had any problem—not even a single broken bolt.

Most models are available in both black or silver finish. Sizes range from 25.0 to 32.4mm diameter, and lengths of 200 to 410mm. Weights start at just 188g for a 25.4 x 200mm post. Retail price is $99.95. Visit www.lhthomson.com for more info.

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  1. LianMay 26, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Is this just a free plug for thomson or a review or what? I mean, it’s well written I’m just curious because I’m sure everyone knows this information about Thomson posts by now.

  2. hellbellyMay 27, 2010 at 9:51 am

    I have always wanted to like Thomson, but my experience with their products has been mediocre at best. I have bent 2 of their posts and cracked a third. They warrantied the first two; I was done after the third. I have also cracked the faceplate on one of their stems. Sure they are good weight-wise, but I would far prefer to be riding than piddling with warranty bs. Also the two bolt clamping system is a pain in the arse to futz with. Independent adjustments for this are far superior IMHO (eg. the old Raceface XY post, Salsa shaft). Thomson…sadly overrated. A no I am not a newby, or a hamfisted slob either.

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