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The Stolen Bike Buffet

bike-stealing_lwmmltThe Seattle Met published a good piece on the typical pathways a stolen bicycle will take, from broken lock to Craigslist, and all the hassles of effectively getting it back into your hands. Speaking from personal experience, hunting down a bike yourself is far better than going to the police, as this story also alludes.

When an SPD cruiser finally showed up “a couple cigarettes later,” police informed the dispirited blogger that the alley where he’d almost gotten screwed was technically outside city limits, in White Center. So Fucoloro called the King County Sheriff, then set up another buy using a different cellphone.

As is to be expected though, there is little recourse we have in preventing bike theft in the first place, short of purchasing the incoming technologies involving GPS tracking…which is a welcomed development.

For most though, a bicycle becomes a sunk cost the moment it goes missing. If you love your bike, write down the serial number, take some photos, register online, and buy a lock commensurate with its value.

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  1. RaiynOctober 8, 2014 at 1:27 am

    The intern behind the article in question needs to do some more research before submitting his articles.

    “U-locks? Routinely opened with a Bic pen jammed into the keyhole”


    That was old news ten years ago. Kryptonite did a massive recall / replacement program for which I’ve commended them for years.

    If you still have a “Bic-able” lock don’t ya think maybe it’s time to to upgrade?

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