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The Chainlink – Chicago Cycling Community celebrates 1000 members


When I visited Chicago for the first time in years this past summer, I was blown away by how many cyclists I saw. Granted, I was there for the NACCC’s so I was surrounded by cyclists the whole time, but when I saw the size of Chicago’s Critical Mass, I was awestruck. It seemed that there were cyclists everywhere we went, and the bike paths were so crowded it was kind of ridiculous.

So when I got a press-release saying that www.thechainlink.org, Chicago’s online cycling community, has eclipsed the 1000 member mark, I wasn’t surprised. It’s not to say it isn’t remarkable—it is. But I think they’re just getting started.

The Chainlink’s founder, Leah Neaderthal, said:

For me, and I know for a lot of other people, cycling was a fairly solo hobby and it was hard to meet other riders. In addition, there are several clubs in the area but no single place to learn what’s going on bike-wise. So I started a site that serves both of those needs – it creates a single place where people can find rides and other goings-on, resources for biking, and they can connect with other riders.

Visit www.thechainlink.org for more info.

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