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Suzue Track Hubs Are Back

suzue_promax For a number of years, Suzue track hubs were “standard” equipment for people. Before the fixed gear boom Suzue made some of the only entry level hubs with a reverse thread lockring, along with a few higher end versions that were heralded for their value and bearing quality, like the pictured Pro Max version. Back in the summer of ’06 Suzue disappeared in a flurry of rumors about the untimely demise of the owner, destroyed tooling and more. I’m not sure what the real story is, but I am sure that Suzue hubs are now available once again. Seemingly identical to the hubs of old, the Pro Max versions have the same smooth bearing feel and hologram decals and are priced at about $220 per pair. Time will tell if the basic or carbon shelled versions also reappear on the market.

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