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Surly Introduces WorkRide Pants

Surly PantsSurly’s new WorkRide pants sound like some no-B.S. trousers. The all cotton duck-cloth pants come in black or brown and feature a number of bike-specific features. Surly says:

Our WorkRide pants are made of medium-weight all cotton duck cloth. They’re durable, roomy and comfy. We’ve done a few things to make them riding pants instead of just pants you can ride in. First, we altered the seam structure in the crotch, moving pressure points away from where you sit. We also added an extra layer ‘down there’ to mitigate any pressure effects of the seams that remain. The knees are articulated for easy bending, and the right leg employs a nifty snap to keep them out of your chainring. There is even a snap-loop U-lock keeper on the left rear pocket. Ride to wherever, do what you gotta do (work, chop wood, whatever), then ride home again.

Check out www.surlybikes.com

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