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Superb Bicycle Overland Prototype


This is my kind of bicycle. The widespread epiphany that big tires are comfortable and can take you to awesome places on a “road” bicycle has led to a number of choices in the realm of versatile frames built for real world riding rather than pure racing. Superb Bicycle just posted a few pictures of their latest efforts, the Overland. Build it with flat bars and racks for commuting and city riding, or drop bars for gravel and cyclocross endeavors. Clearance for up to 40 mm tires gives you more cushion for the pushin’, steel tubes keep it real. The prototype is 4130 steel, but Superb is threatening to make it out of Columbus Zona for that much better, and lighter, of a ride. Check out that flat crown and hooded dropouts (with replaceable hanger!). Good stuff. See more at www.superbbicycle.com


  1. hybirdJuly 25, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Gosh, if I could have a bike like that. Wait, I have – for 15 years. My old Schwinn Crosscut with 4130 real steel. Of course, I haven’t made the circle all the way back to hybrid status as mine still has drop bars and bar end shifting.

    My Schwinn Crisscross (another “real” tubed bike) is sporting North Roadbars – that bike circled back to hybrid then on to English 3-speed racer territory. I’ll wait there while everyone else is having epiphanies.

    My carbon and aluminum bikes are hanging waiting for them to come back in fashion, too, along with my closet full of 700×23 tires.

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