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Soma Pick Up Artist Cargo Bike

Soma entered the cargo bike market with the short wheelbase cycletruck style Tradesman last year, and has found enough success to make a few runs of the frames, and to introduce the Pick Up Artist long wheelbase cargo bike for 2013. The bike has a 26″ rear wheel and 20″ front wheel with a 1350 mm wheelbase overall for the extended frame, roughly 350 mm longer than most road bikes. The smaller front wheel keeps the load lower to the ground, and directly over the front wheel. The steering linkage doesn’t have any slop, and on a quick ride around the parking lot it was clear that the bike was longer than usual but it wasn’t downright boat-like. Officially it is limited to 150 lbs of cargo, but I’d bet that people will attempt much more than that with production versions. The front section has a simple plate bolt pattern for attaching a flatbed, basket, or whatever custom cargo loading box your needs may require. Dual disc brakes handle the stopping, with conventional parts all around besides the frame making it an easy to build up, easy to service bike. Available with a similar but slightly different spec for 2013 (different shifters, includes a rear rack), expect the complete bike to retail around $1500, with a frame only option also available.

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  1. ἈντισθένηςNovember 15, 2012 at 5:46 am

    Seems to me that frame, with a few mods, would be a decent ‘hi-lo tandem’. Soma ought to make it possible. The gold-standard for that is the Pace Hino, but the Circe Morpheus comes out at half the price.

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