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Skyline Logo Shirts and Back Issue Collection

After running through most of our stock of shirts we finally decided to re-order. Not only do we now have full size runs of our $10 black logo t-shirts in stock, we also have a new design available. The pictured 100% cotton t-shirt has our skyline logo printed in gray low on the left side, and is available for $12 including USA shipping. The Urban Velo logo is printed small on the right hand sleeve—pass on the left.
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Also newly available is a single item to purchase all of our available back issues in one box at a discount. Older issues sell out all the time, but for now you can get issues #1, #8 and #10-#28 for $38 total, including shipping. This item is so heavy it is only available to order within the USA.

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  1. TerryNovember 18, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    I never paid much attention to your T-shirts, but I just noticed you offer them at a pretty good price.

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