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Shinola and Sky Yaeger

Digging Detroit: Shinola from ANIMALNewYork.com on Vimeo.

Animal NYC is throwing up a set of videos from their trip to Detroit and the first is a visit with Sky Yaeger of ex-Bianchi fame and now part of Shinola. As the video details, Shinola started out as a watch brand and have expanded into other product manufacturing, in part high-end, stylish, made in America (Wisconsin to be exact) bikes with Yaeger’s expertise at the helm.

I do take exception with Yaeger’s quote in the Animal writeup that says, “The whole industry has moved off shore in the last 40 years so all the component suppliers are in Asia. The whole international bicycling supply chain, everything for the whole world is centered there. There’s only a few, small artisans making frames…in the United States.” Just a few? Come on, there’s a lot more than a few, but I suppose the sentiment still stands. It will be interesting to see if Shinola can build the hype and association that Bianchi’s counterculture element has through Yaeger’s influence.

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