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Shine Fitness Tracker

shineWe’ve come a long way from large, gaudy, cumbersome bicycle accessories, whether they be pumps, lights, bags, etc., and the fitness tracker, Shine, is another step in the right direction. Aesthetically speaking, Shine is an unashamedly Apple inspired design in it’s sleek, brushed aluminum casing, merely the size of a couple stacked quarters.

The fitness tracking capabilities of the Shine App seem to be pretty standard, but the aesthetics, wearability, and transfer of data process really sets it apart from the rest of the field. The device can be clasped on various parts of your apparel through a simple magnetic clasp or it can be worn my stylistically in watch bands and necklaces that are sold on the Shine website.

The information transfer process simply involves touching the Shine to your smartphone screen, using already established syncing capabilities.

For cyclists, there is the added benefit of the device being completely waterproof (suitable even for swimmers), so riding in the rain poses no malfunction or deterioration issues. And hey, if you’re a triathlete, you can track your entire workout or race from the swim to the bike to the run.

The Shine can be pre-ordered for $99 and is scheduled to ship in July. Wearable accessories range from $19 to $79 and can also be ordered now.

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