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Shamrock Cycles NAHBS Preview


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is just a week away. It’s always a letdown when those who can’t make it to the show miss out on the unveilings of their local bike builders, but here in Indianapolis local bicycle builder, Shamrock Cycles, held a pre-NAHBS showing for all of us who can’t head out to Denver.

Shamrock Cycles won Best City Bike at last year’s NAHBS and this year they are bringing a few client builds to show. On display at a local brewery were, among others, a full suspension mountain bike with integrated stem and bars, a polished to mirrored reflection cyclocross ride with extensive internal cable routing, and another stylish commuter bike with full fender coverage, stylish pinstriped paint job and more internal cable routing.

Stop in the Shamrock Cycles booth next week and see these rides up close. For those of us who can’t make it this year, we’re just appreciative to see the goods before the rest of the country. I’m sure they’ll wipe our fingerprints off for y’all.

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