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Serfas Seat Stay Light

serfas seat stay lightMy friends and regular readers of this blog know that my theory on bike lights is, “more light, more better.” To that end, I’m a big fan of this little number from Serfas. The Serfas Seat Stay taillight features a red ½ watt LED bulb in the center and three regular LED bulbs on either side. The light’s silicone body is water-resistant and flexible enough to allow it to be mounted to almost any tube on the bike.

On the bright side, this light is affordable, versatile and adds considerable visibility to your bike at night. But as bright as the ½ watt LED is, it’s also very directional. This means that if it’s pointed at an oncoming drivers eyes, it’s impossible to miss the blazing red beam of light. But, if it’s pointed skyward at an angle it’s not nearly as effective. It does, however, still cast a fair amount of red light on the bike and rider, as do the remaining six LED bulbs. My point is that this light alone is probably not really enough to ride at night safely. I strongly recommend pairing it with at least one other blinking taillight.

Serfas claims the seat stay light gets about 100 hours of burn time from a fresh set of batteries, though actual results may vary. So far mine shows no sign of dimming, but I’m probably far from the 100 hour mark. The seat stay light includes two Lithium CR2032 batteries and retails for $20. Check out www.serfas.com.

Brad adds: Sometimes we have different experiences with the same product, and this is one of those cases. While having similar first experiences with this Serfas light, the switch on my sample has always been finicky and the stretchy silicone body snapped as I was removing it from the bike one day just last week, sending it to the project parts bin. Luckily, Serfas is known to have a particularly good warranty department and I’d imagine this light would be replaced no questions asked under the circumstances.

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  3. Allan W. TraphaganOctober 27, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    At last they came up with something that makes sense. I have been waiting for many years for a light like this.

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