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Selle Royal Becoz Sport Saddle

SelleThe Selle Royal’s Becoz line of saddles are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They claim to have replaced numerous materials that are derived from fossil fuels with ones that are from renewable resources. This includes the use of natural oils in the manufacturing process, as well as Corkgel, a bio-sourced polyurethane gel combined with natural cork.

The Becoz Sport measures 144 mm wide, 266 mm long and weighs 385 g. While the shape is reminiscent of a racing saddle, the weight will discourage serious competitors (as similar Selle Royal offerings are as much as 130 g lighter). Still, the narrow nose of the saddle makes it well suited for an aggressive riding position. And with its reasonable price point and durable, water-resistant construction I could see this being a good choice for a racer’s training bike.

DSC_8985Personally, I find the Becoz Sport to be adequately comfortable, but it’s not exactly my favorite saddle ever. I might be a bit more at home on the Becoz Athletic which is a bit more substantial in all directions.

The entire Becoz series features Selle Royal’s integrated clip system, which allows for easy installation of accessories, but alas I didn’t get to test it out since I didn’t have one of their lights or saddle bags.

The Becoz Sport retails for about $66. Check out www.selleroyal.com

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