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San Francisco BART to Test All-Day Bike Access

628x471 The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the BART light rail system will test all-day bicycle access to the system March 18-22. As it is, bicycles are banned during peak hors, in my experience complicating commuter use on the sytem, and particularly between San Francisco and Oakland and other further reaching stops.

BART has a history of cautiously welcoming bikes aboard its trains. When the system opened in 1972, bikes were banned. Three years later, BART agreed to allow bikes through the fare gates but bicyclists needed permits, and were only allowed to bring their bikes onto the rear of the last car of each train during non-commute hours. In 1988, BART allowed bikes on trains in the reverse commute direction. The permit requirement was dropped in 1997, and BART allowed bikes in all but the first car. A year later, the Richmond-Fremont line opened to unrestricted bike access.

During the March experiment, BART will lift its commute-hours ban, which varies by line but generally applies from 7-9 a.m. and 4:30-6:30 p.m. in commute directions. All other bike rules – including a prohibition on boarding crowded cars or blocking aisles, doors or accessible seats – will still apply.

Read the entire article at www.sfgate.com


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