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Ruckus Components Shop Tour

When it comes to carbon fiber there are relatively few small builders working with it, let alone repairing crash damage or modifying bikes after the fact. Portland is home to one such shop in Ruckus Components, tucked into the back of an industrial building and doing all sorts of carbon fiber bicycle repair and modification under the watchful eye of head honcho Shawn Small. Between his mechanical engineering degree and some eight years experience working with carbon fiber Ruckus has the ability to repair frames and wheels with minor crash or rack damage, rescuing what were otherwise dead frames for further use. What can’t be repaired ends up in the busted parts Hall of Fame and Experimentation, with a number of forks, frames and wheels with an interesting and expensive story around the shop. Modifications like rack and fender eyelets are also a possibility, like on the pictured Edge road fork slated for an Ira Ryan project. Custom fenders, bashguards and single speed cogs are all available in the Ruckus garage. While the actual milling and finishing machines aren’t much different from those used to make metal parts, the raw materials certainly are, arriving in rolls of woven fabric or or by the strand with various hardeners and epoxies giving them their final form. With the vibrant bike culture and industry surrounding them in Portland and the experience of another year under the Ruckus belt I expect to see some big things come out of the shop—think carbon road bikes with integrated racks and fenders amounting to race-light randonneur and light touring bikes amongst other custom work. Carbon may not be for you, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything but more of it in coming years. Check out the Ruckus blog for some pretty interesting work in my opinion. More images from the shop after the click-through.

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