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Road Runner Bags Drafter Saddlebag

The simple way is nearly always the best way. When Road Runner decided to make a saddlebag, they simply took their existing cell phone pouch design and made it bigger, just enough to carry the bare essentials. The $25 Drafter is couldn’t be easier to install — wrap the single strap through both saddle rails and close the flap. The bag stays closed securely with the 2″ wide Velcro strip, and the way the strap wraps around the rails from one side of the bag to the other allows you to tighten it down and prevent rattling and most movement. Without a seatpost loop the bag does move back and forth, but not enough to notice on the bike and definitely not enough for me to worry about in the least. I wouldn’t add a seatpost loop, even if I was king. I would however do away with the added weight of the nylon waterproof liner, the Cordura is water resistant enough on its own, and the bag doesn’t fully close anyway. The reflective tab on the back doubles as a blinkie light loop, a nice touch. I find the bag just the right size for a 700c tube, small multitool and patch kit as shown, which is all it can hold. Perfect for the minimalist kit, and combined with a pump enough to get me home 99% of the time. Like everything Road Runner, each Drafter is made to order in the USA and completely customizable.

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