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Ride 2 – Short Fiction About Bicycles

ride2coverartThe second edition of Ride is officially available. Including stories by Kent Peterson, Barb Goffman, Jan Mayer, editor Keith Snyder, and more, Ride 2 is another great compilation of short fiction that isn’t always about bikes, but in some way includes a bike or bike culture. The stories are consistently entertaining and well-written, with enough diversity in subject matter that any reader will find something to relate. The cover art is another piece by Taliah Lempert (she also illustrated the first edition).

You can purchase a copy in any format here, as well as read short interviews with the authors. I’ll be looking forward to the third edition.

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  1. Keith SnyderJanuary 27, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Thanks, Scott! Glad you enjoyed it.

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