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Retroshift is now Gevenalle

pUyOZEYi1cklvJ6nmBu6K6L_Q7JQOnqxA2zMwM0jZPE Retroshift is now Gevenalle, roughly “give all” in Dutch. Having expanded the line past the original Retroshift downtube-shifter-on-a-brake-lever, the makers of Retroshift and the B.U.R.D have rebranded to Gevenalle, and introduced a hydraulic version of the Retroshift that first put them on the map. The CX1 or CX2 hydraulic shifters ship with calipers and either 140 or 160mm rotors, with 9-, 10-, or 11-speed Shimano compatible shift units. The single front ring CX1 is $400, add $50 for the front derailleur compatible CX2. If you’re up on your scales the whole system weighs 850 g, making it a ultralight, and durable contender. Like other Retroshift units, these too are covered by a generous $75 crash replacement policy. See these and the new HOUP cassette spacer that allows you to drop the 11t cog for greater spoke to derailleur clearance at www.gevenalle.com

We reviewed the original Retroshift CX2 cantilever compatible brake/shift combo last year, and still love it.

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