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Rapha Parklet

Working with San Francisco design studio, Rebar, Rapha chopped one of their iconic Citroen H-Van’s in half in order to “reclaim” a parking space as a supplement to their Cycle Club located across the sidewalk. Deemed a “Parklet” by Rebar, the space is open to the public and meant to gather cyclists and anyone else for a relaxing moment or casual conversation. This parklet and others Rebar have created seem to be permanent placements, though the idea started as a form of urban activism, where they paid a meter for two hours in order to lay out some grass, a tree and bench for public re-use instead of the normative automobile holder. The Parklet “movement” has spread across the world and September 21st is now designated as Park(ing) Day where individuals and groups reclaim their own spaces.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, the Rapha Parklet will be opening soon.

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