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Princeton Tec Eos Bike

Princeton Tec’s Eos Bike is a self-contained waterproof LED light. It utilizes a 1-watt Maxbrite bulb and a proprietary collimator to generate 25 lumens of light. The unit is submergible down to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (which should see you through the worst downpour).

Depending on the setting, burn times range from 6 to 60 hours. In laymen’s terms, the light’s 3 AAA batteries last several weeks to a couple of months. The light unit weighs a little over 100 grams (that’s less than a quarter pound) and includes both handlebar and helmet mounts. We tested two units, and unfortunately one of the handlebar mounts broke while just riding along. The other has been in service for over two months and counting. (The broken mount would have been covered under warranty.) The mount does jiggle a tiny bit, which unnerves some riders, but makes up for this by being easily removable to deter would-be thieves.

At $39 retail, the Eos Bike is a solid bargain from a company with a reputation for products that are built to last. I’ve had an old-school Princeton Tec halogen headlamp that’s seen me through countless camping trips for the past seven years. Although I would love to upgrade to a modern LED headlamp, I can’t see any reason to get ride of the old battle-axe.

The next incarnation of the EOS-bike will be twice the brightness (50 lumens) with longer burn times, and will also include a head strap to use the light as a camping headlamp. Cyclists can expect to see the new units on the shelf in about a month. Visit www.princetontec.com for more information.

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