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Post Hurricane Cycling Surge

Ok, this will be the last (I think) hurricane Sandy related post from me, but with that said, bikes have really had their time in the spotlight when the flooded streets became problematic for cars, gas stations ran on empty and the lights went out all over town. Simple mechanics took center stage and gave power, sometimes literally, to a wide swath of East Coasters. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a handful of news articles that give more detail on the benefit of bikes post-Sandy.

Locals Embrace Biking in Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath – New York Times blog

Sandy Boosts Business For Zipcar, Bike Shops – Huffington Post

Hurricane Sandy Gets New Yorkers on their Bikes – PRI’s, The World

Hurricane Sandy: A boon to bike sales in N.Y. – Mother Nature Network

Bike Shops See Business Boom in Wake of Hurricane Sandy – New York Neighborhood News

Bikes Hit The Streets After Hurricane Sandy – OPB News

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