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Polar Bottle Ergo

The Polar Bottle Ergo is a decidedly “lifestyle” design, but it’s still functional for the urban cyclist. Especially since it’s designed for use with both hot and cold liquids.

The 22 oz bottle is constructed from HDPE #2 plastic and utilizes the same insulation technology as the original Polar Bottle. Likewise, it’s also made in the USA and totally recyclable.

The real story with the Ergo is the new Half Twist cap. Similar in form to many travel mugs, when the cap is twisted halfway (until the droplet icons line up) the liquid flows freely. Tighten it down and it’s sealed. It hasn’t leaked on me yet, and I don’t suspect that it’s going to.

My only real nits to pick are with the interface of the Half Twist cap. I wish there was some sort of “click” that lets you know when you’ve reached the halfway point. And frankly, until you’ve used the bottle a few times, it just doesn’t seem “right” to loosen the cap halfway, because a few more twists in the same direction and the cap comes completely off. But the system does work quite well.

Another nit to pick is with the delivery of hot liquids. Unlike many travel mugs, which allow the liquid to pool up so that you can blow on the piping hot coffee or tea before attempting to drink it, the Half Twist pretty much pours directly into your mouth. If you’re not sure how hot your drink is, you could burn your tongue. And it’s easy to misjudge the temperature because the insulation prevents the outside of the bottle from feeling hot.

The Ergo is a pretty big bottle, but you can still fit it in many bottle cages. The Ergo bottle retails for $19 and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. The all-black version pictured here is set to be released soon. Check out www.polarbottle.com

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  1. Adeline BashNovember 19, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the review. Glad you liked the bottle.

    We are continually working to find ways to make it more clear to customers how the Half Twist cap works. We’re glad you got it figured out. Once you get more comfortable with it, we really think you will enjoy the design.

    If anyone has questions about the cap please call us at 303-440-0358. For more information on the cap, check out our video http://youtu.be/wdTa3_l3JR8

    Thanks again for the feature. Keep up the awesome work.

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