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People For Bikes: Selling Biking


A former employer shared the wise words of “perception is reality” whenever faced with a situation where the customer was taking our plan in a different direction than expected. It’s an important lesson in bicycle advocacy too — we’re not just speaking to life long cyclists with advocacy efforts, but to the legions of sometimes-riders who may not understand the finer points of traffic markings and control, and may not care. Perception is reality. People For Bikes posted the results of an online scientifically controlled survey on positive/negative perception of various city cycling images from people who own bikes but don’t necessarily ride them daily.

A scientific online poll of Portlanders and San Franciscans who own bikes but don’t ride frequently — in other words, about half the voting population — asked respondents to rate the following photos on a scale of 1 to 4 based on how each “impacts your feelings.”

There’s a common thread to the popular photos, said Mary Lauran Hall, communications manager for the Alliance for Biking and Walking: order.

“The images that are most appealing are the ones where everybody seems to be in the right place,” she said. “There’s a very clear delineation … this is where the bikes belong, and this is where the cars belong.”

It is worth checking out the whole series of images for advocates, daily and casual riders alike. As someone heavily involved in local bicycle advocacy, I found the images pretty enlightening as to how people would really like their commute to look. See the entire piece at www.peopleforbikes.org

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