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Paul Components at Interbike 2012

Paul RhubPaul never fails to provide an impressive display at any tradeshow, what with their array of polished CNC bike bling.

Brand new to the line are the Paul Rhub geared cassette hubs. Available in 130/135 (adjustable for road or mountain), 135 disc and 170 disc, the Rhub models retail for $420 to $450.

Paul also took note of how many people they observed using GoPro video cameras at the Downieville trails, and decided to create their own mount which retails for $39. Check out www.paulcomp.com

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  1. SpeedySeptember 21, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Oh, and you forgot to mention that they are using I9 (Industry 9) internals. Just a small detail that makes me want one more than anything ever.

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